My name is Joseph Cooper and I provide psychotherapy and counseling for anxiety, relationship problems, treatment resistant depression, and medically unexplained conditions. I specialize in providing Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP).

Although asking for help can be difficult, counseling and therapy can be of immense benefit. I strive to create a collaborative relationship where we work together to help you start feeling better in a time efficient manner

Do you Experience:

  • Feeling angry, sad, or depressed, and can’t seem to shake it?
  • Frequently feeling anxious, tense, or “keyed up”?
  • Suffering from chronic anxiety or panic attacks?
  • Feeling uncomfortable in relationships, or find yourself in a pattern of unhealthy relationships?
  • Suffering from medical symptoms related to emotional factors? (i.e. tension headaches, stomach upset, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, etc.)

Frustrated with the results of past therapy?

Have you tried therapy before, but found you never made any deep or lasting progress? I specialize in treating those who have either tried therapy before and have found it to be of little benefit, or that the gains you achieved a first did not last over time. Old symptoms and patterns begin to creep back in.

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