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I keep track of my client’s progress in therapy by administering the Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI) to assess the severity of my client’s symptoms and problems on a number of areas, such as Depression, Anxiety, Interpersonal Problems, etc. I administer the BSI over two points in therapy: at the beginning of treatment, and at treatment completion. This allows us to see what changes have taken place and specific areas that progress has been made in therapy. 

Below is a chart of the current BSI results from clients in my practice over the last 3 years.  The blue bars on the chart are the severity of their symptoms as measured before they began treatment, and the red bars are the the severity on those same areas at the end of treatment.  Higher scores (blue bars) represent greater severity of problems and symptoms, and the difference between the red and blue bars represents the amount of change in therapy. The effect size (partial eta squared) for change in the Global Severity Index score is .69. Effect size is a measure of the magnitude of change, and a .69 would be considered a large effect size. 

Percent reduction in symptoms:

  • 50% reduction in Somatization symptoms

  • 47% reduction in Obsessive Compulsive symptoms

  • 57% reduction Interpersonal Sensitivity issues

  • 65% reduction in Depression

  • 58% reduction in Anxiety

  • 46% reduction in Hostility

  • 46% reduction in Paranoid Ideation

  • 68% reduction in Psychoticism

  • 55% reduction in Global severity of symptoms index


Disclaimer: The above does not imply  that I guarantee positive results in psychotherapy. Please be aware that treatment length and outcome vary from individual to individual.

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