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About Me

I like doing therapy and counseling. I find it rewarding, challenging, and fulfilling. I get to see clients change, grow, and become who they want to be by overcoming their fears, anxieties, past traumas, and letting go of unhealthy self-defeating patterns of feeling, behaving, and relating to others. There is no profession like it.

My desire to be a therapist began with a theories course I took as part of my undergrad psychology degree. I was required to critically review a book by the famous Swiss Psychiatrist, Carl Jung. It was called “Answer to Job” and it changed my life. From that point on, I wanted to better understand myself and others, and to learn how to help those suffering in life. I was hooked, and for the last 25 years I have been reading, studying, and training in counseling, psychotherapy, neuroscience, trauma, and Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy.

I have 25 years of clinical experience and am currently an Associate Professor of Counseling at Marymount University. I am a guest faculty member of the Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy Program at the Washington School of Psychiatry and board member of the International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association (IEDTA)

I enjoy teaching psychotherapy, conducting training seminars, writing, and supervising counselors-in-training. I have published journal and book articles on counseling and psychotherapy, clinical supervision, emotions, and have been an active presenter at regional, national, and international conferences.

For fun I like writing and playing music, cooking, gardening, and traveling.

Education and Certifications

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Washington School of Psychiatry, 2010

Graduate, 3-year training in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

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University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 2006

PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision

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Appalachian State University, 1994

Master of Arts in Counseling

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Appalachian State University, 1989

BS Psychology

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License and Certification

  • Licensed Professional Counselor in Washington, DC and North Carolina

  • National Certified Counselor

  • 3-Year program in ISTDP

  • Certified IEDTA Supervisor and Trainer

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