Psychotherapy Services

The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease ~ Sir William Osler

Individual Psychotherapy

I like to take an active and focused approach to therapy to help you understand the root of your problem, decrease symptoms, and improve your relationships and your sense of self. I strive to make our working relationship one that is collaborative, supportive, and empathic. I believe meaningful work can occur in a shortened period of time, making therapy cost effective.  I am flexible in my approach, and integrate the most current findings from neuroscience and psychology to tailor treatment to your needs. More on my approach can be found here.

Who I work with

Those who are:

  • Feeling sad, depressed, or angry, and can't seem to get past it
  • Suffering from chronic anxiety, panic attacks, or social anxiey
  • Suffering from treatment resistant depression
  • Wanting to overcome the pain and hurt from past emotional wounds and trauma
  • Experiencing physical symptoms (IBS, headachs, chronic muscle pain, chronic fatigue, etc.) that may be related to emotional issues
  • Finding themselves in self-defeating patterns

Those in a relationship who are:

  • Ambivalent about their relationship--``on the fence`` about staying or leaving.
  • Ashamed that you find yourself constanly interested in others
  • Fearful of being close and opening up emotionally to your partner
  • Having difficulty with sexual intimacy or seeking out affairs
  • Thinking of ending your relationship, but not sure what to do
  • Finding themselves in self-defeating patterns